Recycled License Plate Sign

- License plates with the letters that you need to spell out your word or phrase  - Scrap piece of wood  - Drill with metal drill bit  - Screws  - Tin snips  - Ruler  - Permanent marker

Start by cutting out the letters that you need from the license plates.

Flip the plate over and use a ruler to mark your cuts with the permanent marker.

Use your snips to cut the letter out. The snips work just like scissors and easily cut through metal. You can buy metal snips at most hardware stores.

Arrange your letters on your piece of wood. You may have to drill holes in some of the license plate pieces if there are no existing holes.

Use a drill with a bit made for drilling through metal. Make sure you wear your safety goggles. Nothing will ruin your day faster then shards of metal flying in your eye.

Use a drill or screwdriver to screw the letters in place. You may have to pre-drill some holes into the wood before you screw the letters into place.

Recycled License Plate Sign