Memory Wire Bracelet DIY

- Memory Wire  - Beads  - Wire cutters  - Needle nose pliers

You can buy memory wire in a large spool or you can purchase it cut and ready to go at the right size. If you are cutting your own use strong metal clippers as memory wire is a lot stronger than other jewelry making wire.

Start by making a loop at the end of the memory wire with your pliers.

Now all you have to do is string on your beads. I like to start with some seed beads and then add some larger beads in a pattern.

When I get to the middle of the bracelet I add The biggest beads and then I continue with the opposite, and go smaller until I get to the end of the wire.

Since the wire is already coiled and keeps it's shape you don't have to worry to much about the memory wire bracelet size. I usually make the bracelets long enough to curl around the wrist four or five times.

Then I secure the end the same way I did at the beginning. Memory wire is very strong and can be difficult to cut and bend so you may have to use some extra force to secure the ends with a loop.

Slip it onto your wrist and you are ready to go!

Memory Wire Bracelet DIY