- 9 x 9 wood plaque- Purchased at Hobby Lobby but you can buy similar here  - Squared Dowel Rods 3/32 x 3⁄8 x 36” and 5/32 x 5/32 x 24”-Can find other sizes at most craft stores

- Paint I used white paint - White acrylic paint was used but you can use any paint or stain  - Sponge brush or paint brush  - Hot glue gun  - Wood letters. You can buy them in bulk here

1. Begin by cutting the wood to size. Craft wood can often be cut with a razor knife but you can use a table or hand saw if you prefer. Cut the dowels into three, 7 inch lengths.

2. Remember to wipe stain off if used. Apply the paint or stain in the direction of the grain of the wood. Allow paint to set and dry.

3. Glue the wood together. First, place base piece of wood flat on surface.   4. Next, grab the thicker and glue to base.

5. Once dry, glue the smaller dowels to the larger ones along the outside edge. This is used to support wood letter tiles to prevent them from falling off.   6. Place wood letters on sign.