Wood Burned Gift Tags

You can make all sorts of neat stuff with a wood burning tool. The one I bought comes with an assortment of tips but I like using the pointed tip the most. You can make interesting designs and patterns just by using simple dots.

Choose your tag and very lightly draw the name or design you want to burn into the wood with a pencil.

Plug in your tool and once it is heated make a series of dots over your pencil lines.

Gently press into the wood with the pointed end and hold it until it is burned to a dark brown.

Once the wood is cool enough to handle you can erase and remaining pencil lines.

Loop your tag onto your ribbon or string and tie up your gift as usual. You can make designs on your tags for any season.

You could burn in little snowflakes or trees for Christmas or hearts for Valentines Day.

You don't need to limit the tags to gifts. You could also use them as place cards at a table setting.

Wood Burned Gift Tags