Most of the log reindeer crafts I have come across online are projects that make the entire reindeer body. Mine is just his head which I like because you can hang him up inside on a wall or outside your home.

- Wood log or thick branch  - Smaller branches  - Miter saw  - Construction adhesive  - Buttons  - Red ball ornament

To make this log reindeer you will need to cut one piece of wood in two places with a 45 degree angle cut. This can be done easily with a miter saw.

The two pieces are then rotated and glued back together so that it makes the head and neck of the reindeer.

The red ornament glued to the tip of the log transforms this reindeer into Rudolph.

After the holiday season you can pull it off pretty easily and decorate the reindeer with flowers or autumn leaves for the other seasons or just keep him in storage until next Christmas.

Once the glue has dried add embellishments like antlers, eyes, ears and a nose. Have a look at the full instructions below.