Origami  Poinsettia Wreath

- Colored craft papers  - Craft glue  - Wreath base (round)  - Scissors  - Pearl beads

1. Select red colored craft papers for the origami poinsettia craft. Cut out 4 pieces of rectangle papers (ration 2 inches x 3 inches) from the red paper. Take any one of the red rectangle cutouts and fold it into half.

2. Fold any one of the corners (of either side) diagonally and align the shorter end with the long side of the half-folded paper.   3. Similarly fold in the other corner.

4. Flip the half-folded paper to the other side and fold both corners like we did before.   5. Fold any one of the sides into half, towards the outer side.

6. Flip the current paper and fold the other side into half facing outwards too.  7. Now fold the current piece into half (lengthwise). 8. Apply glue between the last fold and join them nicely. The 2 petals of the flower are ready.

8. Similarly, prepare the 3 other rectangle red papers to prepare the rest of the 6 petals. Apply glue on the outer side of the folded papers and join the folded papers side by side. 

9. Apply glue on the first or last paper now. Join the first and last folded paper to form the flower pattern.

10. Use a green craft paper to craft the leaf using the same technique. Also craft more flowers to cover the whole wreath base. 

11. Once all the origami flowers are ready, stick them on the wreath base one by one.  12. Cover the whole wreath base with the flowers.

13. Stick origami leaves between the flowers to complete the wreath craft.  14. Glue faux pearls to the center of each flower if you like.

Origami  Poinsettia Wreath