- Box  - Magnifying glass  - Notebook and pen  - Flashlight  - Gold coins  - Lucky Charms  - Irish Spring Soap

I started with a plain box from the craft store and added some st Patrick’s day stickers. Then it was time to fill the box with the supplies needed to catch the little guy.

I added a notebook, mini clipboard and some green green pencils to take notes and clues.

Of course there were some gold coins and Lucky Charms Cereal because we know leprechauns love to snack on Lucky Charms.

We went to bed fresh and clean, smelling like Irish Spring to hopefully attract a leprechaun overnight.

The craziest thing happened when we woke up. We went into the bathroom and saw that someone had made some green footprints on the toilet and did some business in there.

The little trickster alss used some special green toilet paper and ran amok all over the bathroom.

The leprechaun had been there and he made a mess. He left a note on the mirror: Better Luck Next Year.

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