Lace and Clay Pendant DIY

A girl can never have too many pieces of jewelry. Making jewelry is one of my favorite pastimes and something that people of all ages can enjoy.

If you are going crazy trying to find ways to entertain your kids this summer why not break out the craft supplies and work on creating some funky new jewelry your kids can wear back to school?

Today's lace and clay pendant DIY uses some of the same supplies we used for the Constellation Necklace.

If you made that pendant last week you will only need to grab some lace to make this pretty necklace and if you didn't make that one, well now you have two different necklaces you can make with nearly the same materials!

Fimo or polymer clay Pieces of lace Pendant tray White glue or Modge Podge Clear acrylic sealer

Start by taking a marble sized piece of clay and warming it up in your hands. Gently press it into the pendant tray until it completely fills the tray and smooth it out with your fingers.

Next, cut out a small piece of lace that will fit into the pendant tray and gently press it into the clay.

Place your pendants into the oven and bake according to the instructions on the polymer clay packaging.

Once they are baked, let them cool. Then you can peel off the lace and paint on a small amount of white glue on the clay and place the lace back onto the pendant.

Paint more glue on top of the lace to help seal it and secure it in place. Once it is completely dry spray a couple of coats of clear acrylic sealer over the whole thing to protect your pendant.

Lace and Clay Pendant DIY