Lollipop Flower Bouquet

It's almost Valentine's Day and my daughter is in kindergarten this year. This is her first year giving out Valentine cards to her class and I wanted to work on a project with her that was more fun that just buying store bought cards and writing her name on each of them.

My daughter, Chloe loves to do craft projects and every day in class when they have free choice time she always heads to the art center and make cool drawings and artwork to bring home for me.

I made this lollipop bouquet by creating a free printable flower image, (you can download it further down the blog post) cutting it out and attaching it to a Tootsie Pop lollipop.

You can use any kind of lollipop or sucker for this craft but I just bought a few bags from Dollar Tree. This whole craft cost me less than $5 since I already had the construction paper and copper colored planter.

- lollipops  - construction paper  - scissors  - pen  - tape  - planter

Simply print off the free printable onto colored construction paper (or use white paper and have the kids color the flowers in themselves) and make a hole in the black center of the flower.

Write from/love and your child's name. This is a good activity to get them to practice using scissors and writing their name.

Poke the end of the lollipop through the center of the flower and tape in place if necessary.

You can leave the little flowers as is and send them to school in a little bag for the children to hand out or you can take the lollipop flowers and transform them into a bouquet.

Take pieces of tape and make a criss cross pattern on top of the planter (this will create a grid for the lollipops to stay in place).

Insert the lollipop sticks into the tape grid and arrange them until it looks like a bouquet of flowers. Give to your sweetheart

Lollipop Flower Bouquet