How to Prune a Lilac Tree

Pruning your lilac tree is vital to its overall health. Don't neglect this gardening chore! Lilacs bloom in the spring and you'll want to prune your lilac tree two times per year: during the winter months and then following its lovely spring bloom.

When you prune a tree or plant, you are removing branches and stems which will help your lilac tree grow bigger and stronger than ever before. Your goal is to get rid of any branches that appear to be dead, wilted, damaged or vulnerable to disease.

You don't have to dead head lilacs all the time. The best time to do this is in its earliest years. Your lilac tree will be blooming in the first 2 to 3 years and you should dead head it as soon as the flowers fade and die.

Dead heading lilacs is simple. Grasp the dead flower at the end of the bloom, where the stem begins, with a firm but gentle touch. You'll want to remove the dead lilac flower, but to keep the leaves and stem right where they are.

One challenge some lilac tree lovers face is that they have planted their tree in a spot that just doesn't get enough bright sunlight. To grow beautiful lilacs, you'll need a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight every day.

Observe where your tree is and note how much sun it gets as the time passes through the day. You may need to move the tree to a sunnier spot in the yard.

Don't neglect pruning your lilac tree. You will want to prune your lilac at the ideal times: in winter and then also right after spring when the most lilacs have bloomed.

How to Prune a Lilac Tree