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Set up a clean and spacious workspace with plenty of natural light. Lay out all your materials and ensure you have enough room to spread out and arrange your flowers.

Begin by selecting a variety of dried flowers and foliage that complement each other. Consider the colors and shapes to create a balanced and visually appealing arrangement.

If you're using floral foam, cut it to fit the size of your vase and soak it in water until it's fully saturated. If using chicken wire, create a grid inside the vase to support the stems.

Trim the stems of your dried flowers at an angle using pruning shears. Start by placing the taller flowers in the center and gradually add shorter flowers and foliage around them. 

Play around with different heights and shapes to achieve a balanced and harmonious composition. Allow some flowers to protrude slightly for added visual interest.

Pay attention to any gaps or empty spaces in your arrangement. Fill these areas with smaller flowers or additional foliage to create a full and lush appearance.

Once you're satisfied with the arrangement, secure the stems into the floral foam or chicken wire, ensuring they are stable and won't shift.

Find the perfect spot to display your dried flower arrangement. Consider placing it in areas with indirect sunlight to preserve the colors and prevent fading.

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