American themed


When decorating for your American themed party you will want to use lots of red white and blue (the colors of the American flag) decor.

One of the most important aspects of any party is the decorations.

Paper decorations are easy and you can get them off Amazon. Balloons are cheap and easy and you can make a fun balloon arch.

Feel free to also decorate with USA flags in a tasteful and respectful way.

Use stars, stripes and red, white and blue table cloths and fabrics. Floral arrangement in red, white and blue will also fit right in.

Bandanas are cheap and very "American" use them as napkins or table decor.

American food will probably clog your arteries and make you gain some extra pounds you can’t deny that it is delicious.

American cuisine gets a bad rep with the rest of the world for being unhealthy.

Hamburgers Apple pie Coca Cola Budweiser or other American beer Donuts  Fruit plates resembling flags or any food that is red white or blue

Here are some American foods to serve at your party:

It’s very well known that Americans love football. If you have the outdoor space organize a round of flag football.

Baseball is another great choice if you have a large field nearby.

- It’s very well Corn hole  - Beer pong  - Mini golf  - Bingo

Other games your party guests will like