How to Cold Brew Green Tea

If you ever want to play a prank on a Canadian take them to a restaurant the United States and have them order an iced tea. In Canada iced tea is sweet tea. Canadians don’t drink cold tea, we only drink sweet tea except we call it iced tea. Are you still with me?

Now that I am older and not a kid obsessed with sweets, sometimes I like to make iced tea, as in "cold tea" with no sugar added. On hot summer days it’s actually quite refreshing. It’s a nice alternative to juice, pop and iced coffee and nicer than just drinking plain water.

- 20 oz of water  - 3 Tea bags  - berries, lemon wedges or herbs to infuse (optional)  - large jar and cheese cloth or french press

1. Add tea bags or loose tea to your jar or French press.

2. Add lemon wedges or other garnishes such as herbs or berries to infuse.

3. Place lid on French press or cheese cloth on jar and place in fridge.

4. Let steep overnight or a minimum of 6-10 hours.

5. Strain and serve in glasses over ice.

How to Cold Brew Green Tea