- 1 9ft faux evergreen garland  -Selection of real evergreen branches (I collected mine from my yard where we have lots of trees.

- Floral wire  - Optional -pine cones and ornaments.  - Floral glue

You can get long evergreen garlands from the holiday section at Walmart. By adding real evergreen pieces you can make it look fuller and more expensive.

Start at one end and twist the end of the floral wire to the garland. Then, take pieces of the evergreens and wrap the wire around it, attaching it to the fake bough.

Work your way down the garland placing the evergreen pieces strategically to hide the wire. Cut the wire at the end and twist it around the garland to secure it.

You can tuck more pieces of evergreen into the wires. I also used some pieces of boxwood I had trimmed and tucked them under the wires as well.

If you want to add pine cones to the swag the easiest way is to glue them! Apply floral glue to the pine cones and stick them into place.