Decide how big you want the mushroom

1. Trace a large circle on the cardboard. I made mine with a circumference of about 30 inches. Cut it out.

Measure your head all the way around above your ear

2. Trace and draw a circle the same size as the circumference as your head in the center of the cardboard and cut it out.

Tape white fabric to the cardboard.

3. Wrap the white fabric over the cardboard donut including the hole and tape the edges to the opposite side with duct tape.

Tape white fabric to the cardboard.

3. Cut the center of the hole out and secure it if necessary.

Tape bowl to the donut

4. Place bowl over the hole and tape it down.

Add padding to the top of the bowl

5. If the top of the bowl is flat you can tape some fabric scraps to make it rounder

Drape red fabric over

6. Stretch the red fabric over the top of the bowl and sew it to the edge of the white fabric. Add extra stuffing as you go.

Add stuffing

7. Add some kind of filler to give the mushroom some shape. I used brown kraft paper and extra fabric. Sew the rest of the hat closed.

Add bags

8. Glue the bottom of white plastic bags to the edge of the mushroom. Pull the free end into the head hole. I used three 13 gallon kitchen bags.

Add bags

8. I only used the bags because I didn’t like the way the white fabric was flowing. The white plastic added the right amount of ruching under the hat that I was going for.

Cut out circles

9. I cut out a variety of circles from plastic shelf liner. I glued them on with clear gorilla glue.

Wear your hat!

Once all the glue is dry put your hat on and strut your stuff.