- Adjustable wood shelf organizer - Make sure it has 24 spaces for each day of Advent.  - Red spray paint  - 24 mini alcohol bottles- You can get the mini's at most liquor stores.

- White school glue  - Wrapping paper  - Electrical splicing tape- I used black but it comes in almost every color to match the wrapping paper you choose.

- Number stickers  - White card stock - Paper punch

1. First, I began with a simple wooden crate from the craft store that had 24 slots in it for the little bottles. The main thing to keep in mind is that the bottles need to be able to fit into the slots. I had to place my mini's diagonally but they still fit fine.

2. I painted the crate with two coats of red spray paint.  3. After letting the paint dry for 24 hours I traced it onto a sheet of wrapping paper. I cut the rectangle out of the wrapping paper and set it aside.

4. One mini alcohol bottle was placed in each space in the crate. 

5. I brushed white glue onto the edges of the grid so that the wrapping paper would stick to it and help separate the squares. This way when you punch through the paper to get your bottle it won’t tear into the next square.

6. I placed the cut out wrapping paper over the open side of the crate covering the bottles and gently smoothed it down.

7. I used electrical tape to tape the wrapping paper to the sides. I also tried clear packing tape but it didn't stick to the wood well enough. 

8. A paper punch was used to cut card stock into little squares and I used number stickers on the squares to mark the dates. I bought the stickers at the dollar store. 

9. The squares were glued onto each space that holds a mini bottle behind it. If you look closely you will notice I screwed up and somehow put one of the numbers on sideways. I didn't notice it until I started editing my photos.

10. Now your alcohol Advent Calendar is ready for gifting. Simply find the number that corresponds with the date, peel off the label and poke through the paper to get to your mini bottle.