1. Start by removing as much of the background from the photo as you can with photo editing software. This is just so that you don't waste printer ink on something you are going to cut off and discard.

2. Print your picture out and figure out how you want to place it on your plate, then trim the photo to fit. If you are wondering why the image looks blue on the plate it is because my printer ink was low and it decided to print

3. Use Mod Podge and a paintbrush to glue the picture to the back of the glass plate. Once fully dried you can write your message on the plate. Keep in mind that because the plate is turned over you will have to write backwards and mirror image.

4. Start by writing with the permanent marker and then fill in with craft paint after. It's just like when they paint the windows at shops, you have to work backwards for the image to look correct when you flip it over.

5. I also added some dots of white "snow" on the plate.

6. Once fully dried flip your plate over and display on top of a white plate and charger to make the image pop.

7. Keep in mind that you can only wipe clean the surface of the plate (see also 'How To Clean Silverware With Coca Cola') and you cannot put it in the dishwasher or submerse it in water. 


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