7 Free Valentine's Day Printables + Crafts, Recipes and Decorating Ideas

Make this cute unicorn Valentine box out of paper plates. Use it to collect Valentine's from your kids classmates.

Make a cute lollipop bouquet for someone special or give out one flower for each child.

Make this fun gift that features a bouquet of flowers and a few bars of chocolate!

Make a fun origami heart for your loved one with this easy folded paper tutorial.

Make this cute heart bunting from plastic sheets that look like tin.

This cute Valentine's Day printable is perfect for your kid's classmates.

Make this cute matchbox birdhouse with a little pompom birdie inside and leave a note for your loved one.

Make this fun love potion based on the Amortenia potion from the Harry Potter series.

The ultimate breakfast for your loved one. French toast "Toad in a Hole" fried in bacon fat. It's not for the faint of heart.