This is regarded as the perfect addition to all meals such as pasta sauces, seafood, lamb, etc. it isn't necessary to grow rosemary outdoors as you can plant it indoors as well. Try to find a window with a strong southern light and place the plant there.


We all know the importance of basil in our lives as it is the perfect added flavor to any meal. The taste of basil is mesmerizing, and you can easily plant it in the comfort of your home. Plant the seeds in a pot and place the pot facing the southern window. Basil requires a lot of sun so make sure that it gets adequate sunlight.


Oregano is from the Mediterranean region, and it is believed to require a sunny, warm and dry climate to grow. This herb can also be grown indoors, and it is regarded as the best friend of tomato sauces and soups.


Just a few leaves of parsley can do wonders for your soup and pasta dishes and give you the perfect flavor. You can plant it indoors but make sure that your pot is at least 6 inches deep as parsley tend to grow deep into the roots and re-pot if you find it necessary.


To plant sage, you will need a tip that has been cut off from an outdoor plant. A Sage plant can do well indoors, but it does require strong sunlight so make sure to place it towards a south-facing window.


Thyme has a very subtle aroma and is a little minty in flavor. It is very easy to grow it indoors, just make sure it is in direct sunlight and not too wet and you are good to go. You can add the flavor of thyme in your poultry, fish, and soups and grow it all year long.


This is also known as coriander and is the most popular herb in Mexican and Asian cuisine. It has a very different flavor and exhibits the scent of a lemon. It is used for flavoring meals as well as garnishing. The leaves of this herb are known as cilantro, and the seeds are known as coriander.


Lavender is a treasure to your herb garden. It exhibits a wonderful scent and also has healing properties vested in it. You can add it to any of your favorite meals and feel very fresh after consumption. Ensure that the lavender plant gets at least 3-4 hours of sunlight each day.


This is a type of a perennial herb which can be best planted using the container gardening method. Place the plant towards the east or west facing windows and you are done. Don't plant too many plants near it as it requires air circulation to thrive.


This is a perennial herb and is the part of the onion family. To plant chives, you need to dig up the seeds from your garden and replant them into a pot. Place the pot outside and wait until the leaves die back.