1. Brenda Mazell says

    Thank you for all your ideas and diy’s. Everyone needs all the help they can get. Now, I know this question might not be important or sound silly. But I was wondering where did the GNOME come from?

    • adrienne says

      The instructions are in the blog post. There is a printable at the bottom of that page for the instructions. Sorry for any confusion.

    • Wendy Hirsch says

      When you show the folding for the pleats you are tucking upward but when you put on the mask (same white print side) your tucks are going downward? Did you reverse it and same fabric on the back? And you look like when you use your 4” of tucks that you are up w/in 1” of the top and mine is 2” from the top. Just a little confused.

      • adrienne says

        It might have been flipped upside down. If it’s 2 inches that’s fine as long as the end result is the same you can do whatever works. Feel free to experiment and see what works best for you.

  2. Susan August says

    I love this pattern–been looking for one with wire for friends and NEIGHBORS not to mention any visitors! I’ve already sent you an email requesting a copy of the pattern thanks again

  3. Nanci L says

    Thank you for sharing i will be making these for family and people in my neighborhood.We can then leave N95 masks sergi masks for our healthcare providers.

  4. Betty king says

    really appreciate you creating a template with wire insert!!
    having a bit of a problem printing the mask template to the exact size. originally thought it was a problem printing from my ipad, however get the same (smaller) results when printing from computer. I can mark up the smaller version, just wondering if you can lend some insight.

    • adrienne says

      Its a square of fabric that is precut and normally used by quilters. It is approx a quarter yard of fabric. They sell them at Joanne fabrics and Walmart

  5. Doreen says

    Thank you for sharing the instructions on making masks. I’m making some masks for several of my friends that are healthcare workers. Stay safe & strong.

  6. Shirley Granander says

    Thank you for sharing your pattern and instructions. The video was great so I could make notes for questions I had with the instructions. May God bless you!