1. Oh, how exciting! Thank you for another amazing tutorial. I would love to try it out, although it looks kind of scary 🙂 Maybe a good first time attempt will be on Halloween and i will achieve 2 goals in one :))

  2. I was wondering where I can buy the Spirulina Powder at. Im having a girls night in in a few days and this would be the perfect mask to try!

  3. I use the algae in the bottom on my smoothie glass on my face as a mask several times a week. Usually the smoothie has fresh coconut water, fresh pineapple juice, spirulina, chlorella, and blue green algae, plus cinnamon and stevia. I have seen the skin on my face tighten (labia lines are less) and my skin glows, plus I almost never have breakout now. For me it was only logical since the green stuff is so expensive I don't like to let any of it go to waste, plus knowing algae is small enough to pass through the membrane around the brain and nourish it directly I figure it would be freely absorbed into the skin and I believe my improved appearance it proof it does.

  4. sells spirulina powder, and they deliver very quickly. It's where I get mine.

  5. Ooops..I just checked and is now known as Same place, new name, still awesome.

  6. I cannot tell you how awesome this is, thank you SO MUCH! I am having a real problem with breakouts lately and just today decided to up my chlorella and wheatgrass intake, when I thought, what if I put the chlorella on my face? So I googled it and came up with your recipe, which sounds perfect. I used fuller's earth instead of castor oil (even though I have castor oil) because I'm afraid of putting oil on my skin. I am also going to try what the other person said about the bottom of her smoothie, and I'm going to maybe get some spirulina to try this as well.

    If anyone needs a good place to order these things, I really love, and if you need a coupon, PEY561 works.

  7. I just had to post again. My skin (minus the broken out area) was so beautiful this morning, absolutely radiant. You were so not kidding. Thank you again for this recipe, it's amazing!

  8. Hi all! I don't know where anyone is located, but Sprouts Market has Spirulina as well as Acai in the bulk spice section. And of course they carry all of the essential oils as well. 🙂

  9. What a wonderful recipe. I take Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica. A light bulb went on and I thought, if spirulina is good enough to drink, then certainly I should be able to put it on my body and get good results. I Googled and found a recipe where the user mixed spirulina with Manuka honey(high grade) and kept it on her face for two hours. I did not have that sort of honey but I did have some organic. She did mix in one other ingredient, but I opted for just the Spiru and honey. And yes, I kept the goo on my face for two hours. Unfortunately, I did not exfoliate beforehand, as you suggested. To remove the mixture, I used the round disposable cosmetic pads, that I use daily, to rinse my face.

    After rinsing, I was speechless at how beautiful my mature skin looked and felt. It was a little flakey which I attribute to not exfoliating first. Of course I had not pulled up your article, so now I know.

    I am going to try your mix as I have a bottle of Palma Christi – Hexane Free, castor oil. This is a high grade pure castor oil that can actually be used as a poultice for infection and other maladies.

    Can I put this mask on my neck? I have been told that due to the delicate skin on the neck, that you should not put a mask there. Also, is it safe to put it directly underneath my eyes?

    Thank you, and may God bless you, for sharing.

  10. Nice information .. Which one is the best, spirulina mask + milk or spirulina mask +honey. Thanks

  11. I use a spirulina face mask twice a week. Mine is simple. One egg and one teaspoon of spirulina and a drizzle of honey. I beat it in a bowl and apply it all over my face and neck with a concealer brush. Let it dry and harden. Then wash. Amazing stuff!

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