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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bulbs Sprouting Early?

So, I was out and about wandering through my garden this week and came across  something unexpected.
My bulbs were starting to sprout!  I planted my ranunculus bulbs last month but they aren't supposed to start sprouting until the spring! We have barely had our first frost yet.  There is no way these babies are going to survive the harsh winter months unless measures are taken to ensure their survival.

So why might your bulbs sprout early?

Bulbs can start growing early for several reasons.

1) You planted too early in the season.

2) You didn't plant the bulbs deep enough

3) The weather has been warmer than usual

In my case I believe all these factors may have come into play.

What should you do about it? Can they be saved?

Absolutely.  Unless they have grown to the point where they are about to flower. Then it's probably too late. I am just going to add more soil and cover up the growth and cross my fingers. There isn't too much green peeking through yet. If you can't add more soil try adding mulch like dead leaves or straw on top of the sprouted bulbs.  It will help protect them from the upcoming frost.

Remember, Mother Nature is weird like that sometimes. She does stuff that doesn't really make a whole lot of sense so don't fret too much. They are just flowers and if they sadly don't make it to spring it's okay. Just head to the nursery and buy some pretty flowers to plant instead!

Wish me and my ranunculus' luck!


  1. Ah, good luck! the frost will be devastating for them! Hopefully you find a way to save them!

  2. Did they survive?!

  3. They did! And they are about to bloom!

    1. Oh that's great news!