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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Mushrooming

My husband Rob is getting obsessed with mushroom hunting. A few weeks ago we went foraging for chanterelles. We found out that another variety of edible mushroom called Shaggy Parasols grow like crazy in the forest near our house.

Rob has picked about 7 pounds of Shaggy Parasols so far and been eating them with every single meal. I am way to chicken to eat them. He hasn't gotten sick and I know they aren't poisonous but I am just paranoid!

This variety of mushroom needs to be cooked before you eat it. Some people are sensitive and can get an upset stomach from eating them. A small percentage of people are allergic and have a bad reaction from eating them. It's recommended that you try a small piece and make sure you won't get sick from eating them before you gobble up a whole bunch.

A good way to preserve mushrooms is to dry them in the dehydrator. They will last forever once dehydrated and when you are ready to eat them you just need to add a little water and they will fluff back up.
The dehydrator has been going almost non stop for days since there are SO many mushrooms to preserve! As soon as Rob gets through the ones he already picked he'll be heading out into the woods again to pick more.  We'll have mushrooms forever!


  1. I am so jealous of your mushrooming and also, that font is spectacular!

  2. Thanks and thanks! The font is from Picnik!

  3. This mushroom looks so friendly :)) and I can imagine it tastes good as well! I can understand why your husband is obsessed, having just passed through my own mushroom obsession (though it only had to do with photographing, not picking!).

    Dehydrating was the only method my grandparents used to preserve mushrooms, even without the machine, so I am totally for it!

  4. I heard it has been a very good year for mushrooms in the PNW. I know nothing about them, so I am afraid to eat any that I find.