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Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Make Tree Bark Vases

* Re posting this tutorial from back in March from when this blog was super new for any new readers who may be interested. Happy Sunday everyone!

Now that the weather is starting to warm up I can start spending more time working out in  the garden. With the spring flowers about to bloom I wanted to  make my own vases made from tree bark.  My version uses recycled materials and real bark from fallen trees to make rustic eco friendly vases.


Glue gun, glue
Felt pen
Rubber bands
Sharp Knife
Measuring tape

Step One: Getting the bark

I’m lucky enough to have a huge forest behind my house so I can go scavenger for materials from nature when I need to.  If there is a forest or park near your home you could search for fallen trees there. Just make sure you only take the bark from trees that are dead. If you live in a city with no trees nearby you can also buy birch bark from craft supply sellers on Etsy.

Look for deciduous trees like birch  rather than evergreens. Trees that are decomposing will be the easiest to pull the bark off. Score a cut down the center of the trunk and pull. It can be difficult to get large chunks with  out it splitting into smaller pieces.  Sometimes you  get lucky and a nice big chunk will come off.

Step Two: Prepping the bark and vases

When you get home decide what you will use for the base of the vase. You can use any waterproof container. Glass jars, tin cans, old plastic cups and soda cans all work well.  If you use soda cans like I did you can use a can opener to easily remove the top part of the can with the tab on it.

The bark will have two layers to it. Run the bark under a faucet and try to remove the loose layer. Wetting the bark also makes it flexible and easy to work with.  Measure the can’s height and circumference and cut the bark with scissors  to those dimensions.

While the bark is still wet and flexible wrap it around the can and hold it with elastic bands. Let it dry. When you take off the rubber bands the bark will have kept it’s curved shape

Step 3: Putting it all together

Now that your bark is dry and rounded in shape you can glue it to the can with hot glue.

If there are any spots of the can showing through you can glue moss to it to cover.

You can also use permanent marker color over any holes where the can peeks through.

Let glue dry, add water and flowers.


  1. Oooh, very cute, thanks fr the tutorial! These look awesome!

  2. i lovee this idea! i might try it some time

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  3. Will these rot? I would like to use these for a rustic wedding and make ahead of time, so wondering how long they will last as well as if they will put off a foul smell?

  4. They actually hold up quite well. No rotting or anything. It's kind of like how dried flowers can stay preserved for a long time. Thanks for visiting!

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