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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to Make an Air Plant Terrarium

Last week I wrote about air plants, how easy they are to take care of  and some basic tips and care. I purchased some from the nursery with the idea to make some terrariums. I’ve seen similar air plant terrariums for sale online for $25 and up. I’m going to show you how to make your own for under $10. They make great gifts and only take a few minutes to put together. 


Glass globes: I bought these from CB2 for 3.95 each. You can hang the globes from the ceiling by a chain and they have a flat bottom so you  sit them on a table and they will be stable.  A great deal at under $5 a piece. You could also use glass jars or old fish bowls

Air plants: available at your local nursery or online $2- $5 for small ones. Bigger air plants are more expensive. Some places you can buy them online are here and here.
Sand, moss, rock, sticks.
I bought sand and moss at the craft store but I collected the sticks, rocks etc. when I was out walking my dogs

Add in your gravel, sand or moss first, then your air plant. Embellish with what ever rocks and sticks you like. Hang from a hook in the ceiling or place on a table. 

Desert Theme

Woodland Theme

Oh look! A deer!

Make sure not to cover the root and  mist your plant with water a few times per week. You should probably take the plant out from time to time and give it a good soaking. Make sure the plant is not soaking before placing it back in the terrarium. If it stays wet for too long  it will rot. Place in indirect sunlight no more than 10 ft from a window.
Check out my other post All About Air Plants to learn more about air plants and how to take care of them.


  1. Thank you for your tips. Very helpful. Can't wait to make them for a gift for a friend.

  2. Thanks Mimi, such a nice thing to hear:)

  3. Beautiful examples and great information! Thank you!!

  4. What kind of plant is that tall one you have coming out of the top? Does it have roots or is it just a cutting?

    1. It's just a cutting from a little tree branch.

  5. I read that mixing air plants and moss are a no no. Not good for the air plant since it can cause rot.

    1. The moss cannot be live moss or it absorbs to much water for your air plant. You can find dried moss in your local craft store that will work great.

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  13. So wonderful of you to share this fun info! I can't wait to make some of these terrariums! So cute.

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